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Monday August 29, 2005 My First Tractor Trailer Load of Antique Furniture Being Unloaded

First Semi Tractor Trailer Load of Antique Furniture

My first semi tractor trailer load of antique furniture arrived on Monday August 29, 2005. The same day of Myrna's 3rd lung biopsy. Which made for a very busy & stressful day! With Myrna in the hospital my time simply didn't allow for taking pictures that month. However the building was full of quality antique American furniture. As usual we had a nice selection of dining room & bedroom furniture. Including mahogany & walnut suites plus many indivual pieces of furniture sure to enhance any home's decor!

3895 Antique Auction Photos

These antique auction photo albums feature antiques and antique furniture sold at My Hart Auction which were mostly owned my me. My Hart Auctions was located in the Metro Atlanta area near Cumming, GA. As time allows I plan to upload additional auction photos albums. Previous to August 2005 I bought and hauled most of the antiques pictured in these albums from the Midwestern United Sates to Georgia with a Chevy 14 ft box truck. Usually making a buying trip North each week to keep our monthly antique furniture auctions well supplied. Starting in August of 2005 I financed the shipment of semi tractor trailer loads of antique furniture from Pennsylvania to Cumming, GA. Often receiving two semi loads of fine antique mahogany and walnut furniture each month.

Baker Chair
Broyhill Chest
Bachelors Chest
Airline Radio Phonograph
Barber Chair
Burl Walnut 3 Stack Tables
Burl Walnut Floor Model Radio
Bow Front Mahogany 4 Drawer Bachelors Chest
Burl Walnut 1 Drawer Nightstand
Burl Walnut 3 Drawer Ladies Desk
1920s Upholstered Easy Chair With Ornate Carving
Berkey Gay Burl Walnut Chest
Burl Walnut Center Table
Baker Table
1920 Easy Chair
Banded Inlay Flame Mahogany Chest
Art Nouveau Slag Glass Lamp
Arts And Crafts Oak Library Table
Art Deco Chest
Art Deco Bed
Art Deco Bed
Brickwede Mahogany China Cabinet
Antiqued Dresser
1928 Ohio License Plate
Art Deco Dresser
Bavaria Plate
Art Deco Bed
Burl Walnut Chest
Burl Mahogany Paint Decorated Dressing Table
Glass Door Bookcase
Art Deco Dresser
Art Deco Cedar Chest
Banded Inlay Mahogany Drop Leaf Dining Table
Art Deco China Cabinet
Art Deco Cedar Chest
Two Gallon Jug
12 Tin Pie Safe Cupboard
The above antique auction photo albums contain 3895 photos

Antique Auction Photo Albums

I built my first website in 1999 to advertise the antique furniture that I hauled to Georgia to sell at our antique auctions. My first webhost had a hosted solution for adding pictures. However I was quite limited as to to number of pictures I could display for each auction. Plus after each auction was over I had to delete the existing pictures in order to add new pictures for the next auction. The monthly charge for hosting and photo album software in 1999 was also prohibitive by today's standards.

My first digital camera was a Sony Digital Mavica model MVC-FD81. Using this camera was quite a time saver compared with using a 35mm film camera. The MVC-FD81 saved a lot of trips to have film developed plus the cost of film was no longer an issue.

My early Sony MVC-FD81 camera took quality pictures under good outdoor lighting conditions. However I was never happy with the picture quality when I attempted to use it inside! Using a flash while the logical solution simply didn't produce pictures that I found acceptable. So I moved most of the furniture outside into the sunlight to take the pictures. Which in itself created a fair amount of problems and extra work. Time of day was often critical because of shadows. Not to mention weather conditions such as rain. While not as obvious wind can quickly ruin a good day and a valuable piece of furniture! When I finally tired of taking the antique furniture pictures outdoors. I decided to go shopping for a newer digital camera.

Most of the antique furniture pictures featured in these photo albums were taken with a Fujifilm FinePix F601Z digital camera. Which I purchased because of it's ability to take quality pictures inside under fluorescent lighting. For the most part I was quite happy with the pictures the FinePix F601Z took. Though I soon found that a tripod was a necessity when taking pictures indoors! As any movement would result in an out of focus picture. Something newer cameras seem to have over come with image stabalization.

By 2002 I was tiring of the $100 plus monthly charge for displaying a handfull of pictures each month. Plus I now owned this domain name AntiqueFurniture.US having been fortunate to obtain it during the .US domain landrush. I soon discovered that Yahoo offered webhosting at a reason fee. While I had never actually built a website before. Yahoo offered a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website editor which was quite easy to use. With that editor I built my first actual webpages on AntiqueFurniture.US. Adding my furniture pictures to the web pages I built using Yahoo's simple to use web editor.

Looking for a easier way to build photo albums for my pictures I discover Web Album Creator by Galleria Software. I had tried lots of different photo album software by this time. However I found that Web Album Creator was easier for me to use than most of the other solutions! Web Album Creator resides on your computer and allows you to create and upload photo albums. If you have visited AntiqueFurniture.US in years past you have possibly seen some of the photo albums that I created using Web Album Creator.

Yahoo offered very reliable webhosting. However as I learned more about building websites I soon found that Yahoo didn't offer many of the advanced features that I wanted to use in building my antique furniture website. So I looked elsewhere for a website hosting plan that offered the features I wanted. Wow what a fustrating experience chosing a quality webhost can be!

Today in 2023 Antique Furniture.US is hosted by Knownhost which offers all the website building features I need. Plus the technical backup necessary to maintain my website. Which brings me back to the subject of photo album software. As I had chosen to completely update this website years ago. I also wanted to update how I displayed my photos of antiques and antique furniture. Having gained a fair amount of experience working with PHP over the years. I can proudly say that my antique auction photo album photos are displayed using PHP software which I wrote. With the latest update (2023) to this website is now mobile friendly.