John Reinhart at Bryant's Antique Mall

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I am Vendor #8 at

Bryant's Antique Mall

I currently have two large booths at Bryant's Antique Mall which is located at 71 E Main St in Franklin, NC. The booth pictured in the photo above is on street level near the rear entrance. When entering the mall from the rear entrance my booth is the first booth on the right side. As you walk from the rear entrance toward my booth I also have farmstead antiques along the left side of the hallway next to the stairs. On the lower level I have a similar size booth. Which is pretty much directly under my street level booth. Easiest way to access my booth in the lower level of Bryant's Antique Mall. Is to start at the rear entrance. Immediately to your left is a stairway going to the lower level. Walk to the bottom of the stairs. Then turn to the your right walk past the short hallway which leads off to the right. My booth will be the one in the corner. I am (Vendor #8) at Bryant's Antique Mall and you will find the #8 written on my pricing tags.

Antique Furniture and Farmstead Primitives

I search Midwestern US auctions looking for elegant as well as shabby antique furniture for my antique booths. However it's quite interesting how the market has changed over the years! When I first started hauling antique furniture to Metro Atlanta elegant mahogany furniture was in great demand. Today I prefer to buy shabby painted pieces of antique furniture. In addition to antique furniture I am always on the lookout for unusual farmstead primitives to restock my booths with at Bryant's Antique Mall.

Box Truck Unloading Sales

Generally every four to six weeks I hold an unloading sale in Bryant's back parking lot. My unloading sales are almost always held on a Monday morning starting at 10AM. I (Vendor #8) offer a 20% discount off my tagged prices during these Monday Morning unloading sales. In the event more than one person wants an item. I accept the highest offer over the tagged price. Each of the interested parties simply writes their offer on a piece of paper. The person with highest offer is the new owner. We have found this to be a fair way to proceed. Plus any extra I receive helps with travel expenses. Items not sold are used to restock my antique booths. Please note that I and Bryant's Antique Mall announce the dates of these unloading sales on our Facebook business pages.

Unloading Sale Day at Bryant's Antique Mall in Franklin, NC

I pack my box trucks as tightly as possible! Often filling the drawers and cubby holes with smaller items. I usually spend upward of 4 days taking photos for Facebook, pricing and loading the truck. Every load is different with items as small as advertising tin cans and old granitware to pieces of antique furniture. Once loaded it's usually a day or two before I leave Ohio on the 500 mile trip south to Franklin, North Carolina. Having the unloading sales on a Monday morning allows me to leave Ohio early on a Sunday morning. Which is nice as there isn't as much traffic, It's not unusual to sell upwards of half my box truck load in the parking lot. Once the customers are finished selecting the items they want to purchase. It's time to carry the remaining inventory into the mall and restock my booths. Usually I can head back to Ohio by the middle of the afternoon. Often arriving home before Midnight on Monday.

Customers at Bryant's Antique Mall in Franklin, NC on Unloading Sale Day on a Very Cold Morning

Just because I sell a lot directly off the truck doesn't mean there are no bargains left to restock my booths with. The clock pictured below as an example was tagged $25 at my unloading sale. It sold two days later out of my street level booth for full price. Also please note that if you are a antique dealer with your vendor's license on file with Bryant's Antique Mall? That I offer a dealer discount.

Ornate Antique KItchen Clock