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John Reinhart Antique Picker

Welcome to Antique Picking Adventures! I am in the process of updating which in the past focused mostly on antique furniture. I plan to feature as much of the previous antique furniture related content as possible. However I also want to add content about my current antique picking adventures. As I live in Ohio I attend a lot of auctions in the Midwestern US. Attending as many onsite farmstead auctions as possible. I generally take quite a few photos of the antiques that I buy. Which I sell at Bryant's Antique Mall in Franklin, NC. My goal with this website is to feature some of the other things I see. Such as antique cars, old farmstead barns and antique machinery just to mention a few. Hopefully this will be be of interest to visitors of this website!

Antique Furniture Photos

The original goal for was to promote the antique furniture that I was was selling at an auction house located in Metro Atlanta. At that time I was hauling box truck loads of antique furniture and antiques from the Northern US. Previous to building this website we normally mailed flyers with as many photos pictured as possible. However featuring the photos on was a much more practical and lower cost way to reach our customer base! As such I have a lot of antique furniture photos to add back to this website as time allows.

Ornate Berkey & Gay Bed Sold at Auction Friday January 3rd 2003

The ornate Berkey & Gay bed pictured above was part of a five piece bedroom suite which I sold at My Hart Auctions in Cumming, GA.. The dresser & vanity had spring loaded secret drawers. The suite was most likely one of the best quality 1920's era bedroom suites that the Berkey & Gay Furniture Company had manufactured. To my surprise I received the following email from Christian Berkey. Some time later I purchased the web domain name which I still own. Hopefully in the near future I can upload the many other photos of Berkey & Gay furniture I have.

Dear Sir,
My name is Christian Berkey and I am Julius Berkey's great great grandson. I just wanted to drop you a note to compliment you on the Berkey & Gay pieces you have - they are exquisite!

Kind Regards,
Christian Berkey